Verify my account details

This article will explain the requirements for verifying your MoonPay Account. To verify your account:

  1. Visit
  2. Place an order, and you will be prompted to enter certain personal information and upload documents.
  3. We will verify your identity and approve your transaction.

Identity verification requirements

We need your first and last names to provide you access to our services. You can submit photos of the following
government-issued identification documents to verify your identity:

  • International passport (not available for US customers)
  • State-issued U.S. identity card (both sides and for US customers only)
  • National ID card (both sides)
  • Driving license (both sides)) — temporary driving licenses are not accepted.



Please note that only the types of IDs listed above are acceptable.

Ensure that your photos and documents meet these criteria:

  • High-resolution, color photos
  • Original images, no screenshots or graphic editing software
  • Easily readable document with no flash or blurriness
  • All four corners of the document are visible
  • The document includes your signature
  • The document remains undamaged and is valid for at least one month.
  • We only accept documents written in Latin characters. Documents in Arabic, Hebrew, or Japanese without an English
    translation are not accepted.



We'll ask for a 3D Liveness Check or a selfie that needs camera access.

Address verification requirements

You can give one of these documents with your full name and address to confirm your home address. The document must also be less than three months old.

  • Utility bill
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Tax invoice
  • Other government-issued residential statement or certificate



Please note that only the types of documents listed above are acceptable.

Ensure your proof of address document meets these specific criteria:

  • Displays your full name
  • Indicates your complete home address (PO Box addresses are not accepted)
  • Includes the date of issue
  • Specifies the name of the issuing entity
  • The document was issued within the last three months
  • The entire sheet of paper is visible in the photo
  • Upload the original photo or a PDF file of the document; screenshots will not be accepted
  • The address on the document is not a PO Box address

How do I increase my account limits?

Our system for account limits is incremental. So as you transact more with MoonPay, we’ll ask you for additional
documentation. We’ll always tell you what’s required to raise your account limits.

You can also increase your limits from the home screen of the MoonPay app.

Bank limits

Banks tend to set daily or monthly transaction limits for their customers. If you’re not sure what your spending limits might be, it’s best to ask your bank. And if they’re too low, ask if they can be adjusted.



Remember that your bank may have its own restrictions on crypto transactions.

Source of wealth requirements

We may also need to confirm the source of your wealth. You can read more about that in our article about source of wealth requirements.

How long does verification take?

We verify accounts to keep everyone safe when using MoonPay Here's what to know about the time it usually takes:

  • We can often process documents automatically, which only takes a few minutes.
  • But sometimes, we’ll need to review documents manually. And this may take longer — potentially a few business days.



We will keep you informed throughout the verification process. We will email you if there are any more steps needed for us to approve your verification.

Tips for faster verification

To speed up verification, please follow our instructions closely. There can be delays for different reasons — for
example, if you upload the wrong document or don't use your full legal name.