What is MoonPay?

MoonPay is a financial technology company that builds payment infrastructure for crypto. Here are some reasons to trust our service:

  • Easy to use — get started and buy crypto and NFTs in minutes, no prior knowledge is needed.
  • Top-notch security — your information is encrypted and all our products are built with security and privacy in mind.
  • Global compliance — we protect you in accordance with worldwide regulations.

We offer simple ways to buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies. You can use a wide range of cards, local bank transfers, and many contactless payment options. We are available in 160+ countries and trusted by 300+ top wallets, websites, and apps.



See our supported payment methods by country for the full list of supported methods.

MoonPay's Products

Here are our products for businesses and individuals:


Our on-ramp solution simplifies the process of buying cryptocurrencies, offering global accessibility, effortless revenue sharing, and complete protection against fraud or chargebacks. Integration into your app or website is quick and easy, providing a seamless experience for your users.


Our off-ramp solution simplifies the process of selling cryptocurrencies. Through our off-ramp SDK, wallet users can sell, exchange, and facilitate NFT transactions seamlessly. Customization options are also available to tailor the solution to your specific requirements.


Our swapping platform provides a wide range of cryptocurrencies for exchange at competitive rates, without processing fees, and with top-notch security measures. Enhance your cryptocurrency swapping experience with ease, speed, and enhanced security.

NFT checkout

We let you buy NFTs quickly with credit or debit cards. You can get NFTs from any of your favorite brands, creators, or marketplace.


HyperMint lets anyone easily create, handle, and share NFTs at scale. This platform facilitates the creators, brands, and businesses to implement their NFT strategy.

MoonPay's support and official emails

Our official emails will always have the moonpay.com domain name and may look like some of these:

If you don’t see the moonpay.com domain name, the email isn’t from MoonPay and you shouldn’t click on any links in the email. Beware of the risks of scammers sending phishing emails on behalf of MoonPay.

We also use BIMI, which shows our brand logo next to our emails. This allows you to always confirm that an email is coming from us. It will look like this:

Show MoonPay brand logo in official emails.

Show MoonPay brand logo in official emails.

Learn more about how to protect yourself from scams and don't hesitate to contact us through our support channels if you have any doubts!