Wallet account frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Learn how to use MoonPay's wallet features with this FAQ. Discover the non-custodial account wallet, manage tokens, check blockchain support, and view transaction history. Understand how to handle your wallet, change token currencies, and predict network fees for smooth transactions.

How MoonPay wallets work

MoonPay wallets are non-custodial, so we don’t store your assets directly. Each wallet has an address for receiving ERC-20 tokens, like ETH. You can send ERC-20 and BTC tokens from your MoonPay account balance to an Ethereum or BTC wallet address. Ensure your account has enough balance to cover the transfer amount and fees.

You can also sell your crypto if you're based in one of our supported regions. To sell your crypto, please read our How to sell cryptocurrency article.

The wallet details page

The wallet details page shows your wallets and tokens, so you can make quicker decisions about your crypto assets.

To access the detailed wallet view for your specific wallet:

  1. Click the wallet card on the MoonPay account homepage.

  2. Find a summary of all your wallets under Wallets in the navigation bar.

  3. Click the wallet cards to see the details.

You can add funds or top up your wallet using the “Buy” button in your detailed wallet view.

View your balance in another currency

You view your wallet balance in any of our support currencies. To change the currency, open your account settings, tap ‘Change default currency’, and select a different currency. This article outlines these steps in detail: How to change default currency.

Blockchain support

Your MoonPay account wallet currently supports Ethereum and Bitcoin.



We're getting ready to add support for Polygon soon!

When you transfer from your MoonPay wallet, you’ll need to pay a Network fee. This fee, determined by the blockchain, usually isn’t much but it is variable based on network conditions. You’ll always see the full cost of a transfer upfront. The way we apply the fee differs depending on whether you use the BTC or ETH MoonPay wallet.

  • BTC: The fee is in BTC for transferring crypto.

  • ETH: The fee is in ETH, even if you transfer another ERC-20 token. Remember, for USDT, PEPE, or APE transfers, you still pay fees in ETH.



Ensure your max transaction amount covers the network fees before placing your order. This fee is based on the blockchain conditions. You can see it in the widget before finishing.

Exporting transaction history

You might need to export your transaction history for tax or record-keeping purposes. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to moonpay.com/buy.
  2. Click the hamburger icon in the top right.
  3. Select Trade history and choose Export all transactions as CSV.



Only buy and sell transactions done through MoonPay are shown.