Transactions: some frequently asked questions

Explore our Transaction FAQs for quick answers to common questions about your transactions. Learn about checking transaction status, the duration of card payments, and whether you can edit or cancel your order. Get insights into canceling a bank transfer purchase order and find solutions to various transaction-related queries.

How do I check the status of my transaction?

There are two ways to check your transaction's status:

  1. Click the link in the email you received once you place your order.
  2. You can also check the status of your order by clicking the transaction in the Trade history if you are using a web browser and via the Recent Activity view on the app.
Transaction tracker UI in MoonPay app.

Transaction tracker UI in MoonPay app.

How long does receiving cryptocurrency after making a card payment take?

Usually, card payments are fast and processed once all necessary checks are done. Due to verifications, initial transactions could take a few minutes to a few hours. Most follow-up transactions go through in around 20 minutes. But, during heavy order volumes or added checks, it might take longer.

Can I edit my order details after I’ve placed the order?

Once you’ve confirmed your order, we can't modify it. If it's pending verification, we might cancel it. Click the Help button for web users or Support button on the app, located on your Settings view ( or ) to chat with us about this.

Can I cancel my order?

You can't cancel the order once you've bought or sold cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency transactions are final. If you want to cancel your order that hasn't been verified yet, click Help. We'll confirm the cancellation for you.

Can I cancel my bank transfer purchase order?

Avoid transferring if you wish to cancel a bank transfer purchase order. Your orders will automatically be canceled within a week of being created. You will receive an email to confirm the cancellation.

If the bank transfer is done and you want to cancel, click the Help button for a live chat. If we are still
processing the payment and haven't sent the crypto yet, we may cancel the transaction and refund your bank transfer soon.

Transaction canceled UI in MoonPay app.

Transaction canceled UI in MoonPay app.