Limits FAQ

Why do I have limits on my account?

Limits are temporary restrictions on your ability to process transactions via your MoonPay account. These measures are implemented to protect your account and MoonPay.

Is there more than one type of limit?

Yes, if you have an account at MoonPay you will have two different types of limits on your account.

Account Limits
Your account limits are determined by your verification status and jurisdiction.

Payment Method Limits
We also have different transaction limits on each payment method such as card transactions and bank transfers. This will vary depending on the type of order you are placing such as buy, sell, swaps or NFTs.

How will I know if my limits have been reached?

You will receive a message in the app to let you know if your limit has been reached. This normally occurs when you are attempting to make a transaction.

When do my payment method limits reset?

Payment limits will reset over a rolling time period, which means your limit will reset exactly a day or month after you placed an order. As an example, if your daily limit is $10k and you placed an order for that amount at 1 pm, your limit will reset at 1 pm the following day. The same applies to monthly limits; once you’ve hit your limits, it will reset at the exact time your order was completed a month later.

When do my account limits reset?

Account limits do not have a reset period; if you reach your account limit, you will be prompted to fill out a short survey in the app as well as provide a specific set of documents related to your source of income.

What should I do if my payment method limit is reached?
If you reach your limit on any given payment method, you will receive a notification in the app to let you know your limit has been reached. When this happens, you are more than welcome to try another payment method or wait for the limit to reset, depending on whether you were shown a daily or monthly limit error message.
Can I use another payment method if I reach my limit on another?
Yes. If you reach your daily/monthly limit for card transactions as an example, you can use a different payment method available in your account.
I’m still confused about my limits, what can I do?

You are more than welcome to speak to an agent on our chat service if you want more help regarding your limits. Our agents can provide you with more information about your current limits and which options you have available to you to place another order.