How to manage my MoonPay wallet account?

Explore our MoonPay wallet account with this detailed guide. Learn about every aspect of your MoonPay wallet.

MoonPay wallet

The MoonPay wallet gives you complete control over your private keys and digital identity. You can authorize transactions independently without relying on a third party. If you don’t already have a MoonPay Wallet, it will be created when you login or signup

MoonPay wallet features

MoonPay Wallet account allows you to do the following:



MoonPay has never had and never will access your private keys. MoonPay wallet account also supports NFTs.

Access MoonPay wallet

To access your MoonPay account, simply log in. Your MoonPay account grants access to your BTC, ETH and SOL holdings. If you can't find these wallets, go to the buy page and choose the MoonPay wallet.

How do I export my recovery phrase?

As cryptocurrencies become more popular, keeping your digital assets safe is important. One way to do this is by managing your recovery phrase—a set of words that is a backup for accessing your wallet.

Web Browser

You can export your private keys from the MoonPay Account by following the steps below:

  1. Click the three dots icon (⠇) on the wallet card.
  2. Click the See recovery phrase.
The steps on how to export recovery phase in the web browser.

The steps on how to export recovery phase in the web browser.



Keep your recovery phrase and don’t share it, as it gives full access to all the assets in the MoonPay Account.

Mobile App

For mobile devices, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on View all.
  2. Click on the three dots on top of the wallet.
  3. Click the Show recovery phrase.
The steps on how to export recovery phase in the mobile app.

The steps on how to export recovery phase in the mobile app.



MoonPay does not have access to your MoonPay wallet. The customer's responsible for keeping their own MoonPay account/wallet safe.

What happens if I lose my private keys?

Sadly, losing your private keys means you can't regain your wallet or money. It's important to keep your private keys safe. You need them to access your wallet and the money in it.

Do I need to set up a wallet to be able to buy through MoonPay?

Yes! To buy or sell crypto using MoonPay, you need a wallet. You can create one in your MoonPay account or use trusted wallet providers known for secure and easy crypto management.

Why can't I see all of my wallets?

Wallets are only displayed if you have transacted through MoonPay into the wallet. Please check if you have a duplicate account with us where the wallet is displayed.

Please remember, that you can only manage a MoonPay wallet through the MoonPay application. If you don't see the option to send funds, it's not a MoonPay wallet, and you won't be able to manage the wallet using MoonPay.



For any questions about your MoonPay wallet account, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section before contacting our support team.

How to Sell from MoonPay Wallet

You can now sell your ETH and BTC assets directly from your MoonPay Wallet.

To sell from your MoonPay Wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Login to MoonPay
  2. Select MoonPay Wallet card
  3. Select the “sell” button located on the wallet card
  4. Enter the amount and currency you want to sell and continue
  5. Select withdrawal (payout) method
  6. Review information and select “sell now”
  7. Initiate deposit
  8. Select “sell now”