How do affiliate payouts work?

The affiliate fee is part of the transaction fee charged by the MoonPay affiliate. After completing the KYB process with MoonPay, you can add an additional affiliate fee to each order on top of the MoonPay fees. The affiliate fee typically ranges from 0.5-1.25%. You can adjust the fee amount and the payout address by contacting your MoonPay's Partner Success Manager. We’ll happily work with you to find your affiliate equilibrium to get the best conversions possible for the end users.

Once you’ve accumulated at least 1,000 USD or equivalent in commissions, the funds will be sent to one of the available payout methods of your choice:

  • BTC
  • USDC_ERC20 - Popular Option
  • USDT_ERC20



The payouts for the fees incurred in previous months will be processed on the 4th week of every month.

To help you understand the process, please refer to the chart below:

A diagram that shows how the affiliate payouts work.

A diagram that shows how the affiliate payouts work.