How to integrate MoonPay into my website/app/project?

We provide a seamless bridge between traditional financial systems and the new world of cryptocurrencies. Developers who are building on Web3 (a vision for a decentralized internet where users control their data and interactions) can greatly benefit from integrating with the MoonPay API and SDKs for a few key reasons:

  • Web3 leader: MoonPay is a top ramps provider in the Web3 space, widely chosen for crypto and NFT applications globally.

  • Highest conversion: Millions have used MoonPay, saving payment and KYC details, resulting in the highest possible conversions.

  • Easy access to cryptocurrencies: MoonPay simplifies buying cryptocurrencies using credit cards, bank transfers, and mobile money, enhancing Web3 app accessibility.

  • A broad range of supported cryptocurrencies: MoonPay supports a broad range of cryptocurrencies, offering users more choices and flexibility in your Web3 app.

  • A broad range of supported payment methods: MoonPay enables users to buy and sell using credit/debit cards, bank transfers (EUR, GBP, USD), Apple & Google Pay, providing transaction flexibility.

  • Global coverage: MoonPay operates in many countries, making it suitable for applications with a global user base.

  • Security and compliance : MoonPay upholds high security and regulatory compliance, ensuring users' peace of mind in financial transactions.

  • Easy integration : MoonPay provides a well-documented API and diverse SDKs, simplifying integration for developers into Web3 applications.

  • Support for NFTs : MoonPay has expanded to support NFT marketplaces, offering more possibilities for Web3 developers.

How to integrate with us

We work with your codebase and support popular languages like React and Node. This allows you to integrate with MoonPay on your own easily. To get started with the integration process, follow these steps:

  1. Create your MoonPay account and get access to API keys.
  2. Submit your application here.
  3. After submitting your application, you can play in our sandbox environment.
  4. Once you can access the MoonPay dashboard, find your API keys in the developer's tab.



If you're building something bigger, contact our sales team, who'd be happy to help you.

Does MoonPay provide integration support?

We're here to help! If you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated partner support team. Our solution engineers will assist you in fixing/troubleshooting for the best MoonPay integration possible and deal with technical queries.

If you’re excited to enter Web3 but don’t have a development team to execute it, our paid technical support,Otherlife, is now available! They’ll provide a complete set of services to support our partners in the Web3 product strategy and ensure its implementation to deliver the best digital experiences. If you have any issues or questions regarding Otherlife, please do not hesitate to contact Otherlife support team.