Security and safety: some frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQs to discover answers to frequently asked questions, addressing common queries about security measures and fraud prevention. Gain insights and assurance regarding the safety of your interactions with our services.

Is my information safe with MoonPay?

We really care about keeping your info safe at MoonPay. We use strong security measures for your personal details and transactions. Please be aware of the potential risk of data leakage when transmitting sensitive information online. We can't guarantee that your data will remain secure during transmission.

To see how MoonPay handles your information, read our privacy policy.

How long will you keep my data for?

We handle your information responsibly, keeping it for as long as necessary. If you delete your account, we will keep your data for six years following the law. After that, your data is removed. In some cases, we might need to
keep it for longer periods of time or shorter periods for legal reasons.



To follow laws, we might keep your information for over six years. Remember that retention periods could change based on business, legal, or regulatory needs.

How can I erase all my data?

If you want us to delete your data, just request support. Go to Help → Delete account. We'll email you when
it's done. You can also start a live conversation by using the Help button in the bottom right corner of this page.



We’ll always have to keep some information on file, even if you tell us to delete it. This is to meet legal
requirements, like anti-money laundering laws.

Is it safe to use MoonPay to buy and sell crypto?

Keeping our customers safe is a top priority at MoonPay. We use strong security measures for your personal details and transactions and have satisfied over 30,000 TrustPilot customers and 250+ cryptocurrency services who trust our services.

Has your account been compromised?

Chat with us live if you think someone got into your account without permission. Choose Help → Fraud → Compromised MoonPay account in the menu.

Unfamiliar with MoonPay but spot a charge on your card? Here's what to do

If you think someone used your card to make a MoonPay account or buy crypto without your permission, your card might be compromised.



Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, so we can’t refund any transaction once they’re completed.

Quickly contact your bank to cancel your card. This step will prevent others from using your card to buy cryptocurrency from MoonPay.

What should I do if I’ve sent cryptocurrency to a scammer?

Unfortunately, crypto transactions can’t be reversed or canceled. So we can’t give a refund for any cryptocurrency transactions — even if they have to do with a scam. If you think you've been scammed, please report it to the police immediately.

To help us keep other MoonPay customers safe, please also share details of the scammer’s wallet address by submitting a support ticket. We also suggest that you read this article to help you be aware of scams and protect yourself in the future.

What should I do if I have received a suspicious email from MoonPay?

If an email from MoonPay seems fishy, it might be a scam. Follow these steps:

  1. Submit a request by choosing Fraud → Suspicious email from MoonPay from the dropdown menu. Attach a screenshot of the received email. Make sure the sender's email address is visible.
  2. Delete the suspicious email from your mailbox immediately.



Don't download attachments or click links in suspicious emails. Being aware and reporting these emails helps protect our users and stops scams.

How can I request data from MoonPay for law enforcement or a bank?

For law enforcement requests, please send your official document to our compliance team to our support team.

How can I make my account more secure?

Boost your account's security with these tips:

  • Choose a strong password by mixing letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using the same password twice, and never share it with others.
  • Use a security key or Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) via apps like Duo or Google Authenticator.
  • Safeguard your email with 2-step verification.
  • Keep your device virus-free and updated.
  • Double-check MoonPay emails, if something seems off, contact support.
  • Be cautious installing software, and ensure third-party apps are safe for your device.
Does MoonPay use customer deposits for anything?

MoonPay doesn't borrow or lend your deposits. Your funds are securely stored in the MoonPay wallet.

How can I disclose a security vulnerability to MoonPay?

We value the vital role of security researchers in keeping our community secure.

If you discover any security vulnerabilities, please contact our support team to report them.

How secure is Bitcoin, and has the Bitcoin network ever been hacked?

Bitcoin has a secure track record, and its foundational blockchain technology has never faced a breach. The technology used to build Bitcoin is mathematically secure, following the laws of the universe, and is continuously enhanced by an open-source community. The software undergoes regular scrutiny and audits from this expanding community.

However, it's important to note that while the Bitcoin network has proven resilient, security issues can arise at other points in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Individual wallets, exchanges, and third-party services have been targets of hacking incidents. Users should prioritize securing their private keys, using reputable wallets and exchanges, and staying informed about best security practices to enhance their safety in cryptocurrency.

Is this email really from MoonPay?

Emails from MoonPay will always have the domain name at the end of them. See our official email article for more information.

I didn't try to log in to MoonPay, why am I receiving an email with a one-time passcode?

MoonPay has implemented a one-time passcode (OTP) security feature to help keep accounts secure. It works by sending you a confidential code via email or push notification that you can use to confirm your login to MoonPay. You then need to enter it on MoonPay within 5 minutes. This security feature is one of the ways we check that it’s really you logging into your account. I didn’t try to log in to MoonPay, why am I receiving an email with a one-time passcode?

If you received an email asking you to enter an OTP and you haven’t tried logging in, it could mean that someone else is trying to gain access to your account. But it doesn’t mean your account has been compromised—instead, our security features are working as intended, so you can safely ignore these emails.

Do not share your OTP with anyone. It’s confidential, and MoonPay’s team will never ask you for it. Sharing your OTP gives someone access to your MoonPay Account, and you can risk losing your funds and assets.