Verify my cards

At MoonPay, your transaction security is our top priority. To protect your funds, we’ll sometimes need to verify that you own the card you’re using. If we ever need to verify your card, we’ll email you. Depending on your card and region, we may ask you to verify your card by doing one of the following four ways to check your payment cards:

  1. Selfie verification: Take a selfie while holding your payment card to verify your identity. Make sure the first six and last four digits can be seen.
  2. Bank statement code: Please enter the four-digit code from your bank statement. This code corresponds to the pending charge from MoonPay.
  3. Card app settings verification: To verify your card app settings, screenshot your payment app screen. Make sure the screenshot shows your Virtual Card Number or device number. Include the last four digits of your Card Number.
  4. Micro-authorizations: Use small merchant charges to verify your card.



If you get an "incorrect amount" error when using micro-authorizations to verify your cards, it means you added the same payment method or merchant twice. To fix this, remove the payment method and add it again after one business day.

You must submit these images via email for our team to review. The process is designed to provide a secure and efficient card verification experience.

CardSelfie VerificationBank Statement CodeCard App Settings VerificationMicro-authorizations
Payment Card
Apple Pay Card
Google Pay Card