Transactions: troubleshooting issues

Explore our guide to troubleshooting common problems in cryptocurrency transactions. Discover how to address issues and enhance your understanding of potential problems that may arise during your transactions.

We cannot refund or assist you if you sent your cryptocurrency to the wrong wallet. We cannot control your wallets or the addresses you use to send cryptocurrency.

If you accidentally sent your cryptocurrency to our provider's wallet, you can ask for help. To get help, send a support request. Choose Transactions -> I've sent my cryptocurrency to the wrong address. Please confirm the following details in your request:

  • Transaction hash of the deposit to our liquidity provider's address.
  • Refund wallet address (this must be an address previously used with MoonPay).

Once we get this information, we'll verify the transfer and tell you how to retrieve your crypto.

📘 Note:
If you ordered through our partner platforms, we may be unable to help you. If you ordered through our widget and the crypto was returned to the original sender, we can help.

Transactions made via card

When your transaction fails, we immediately cancel the temporary pre-authorization on your card. The funds stay in your bank account.

If your bank statement still shows the charge after 10 days, contact your bank.

Transactions made via bank transfer

If your bank transfer for an order fails, we will return your funds to your account in a few working days.

To get a refund, send a support request. Choose Bank Transfers -> My purchase failed, but I didn't receive a transfer refund. Please provide a transfer confirmation showing the following:

  • The transfer status
  • The beneficiary's bank info
  • The sender's bank info

You are unlikely to have been charged multiple times for the same order. But make sure to check if you accidentally placed more than one order.

If this is false, go to Transactions -> I was charged more than once for the same transaction from the options. Then, send us your order ID, a screenshot of your bank statement with your name, and any duplicate charges to MoonPay.

Usually, after the blockchain confirms it once, your Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions will show up in your wallet. This process usually takes around ten minutes or longer. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash usually need one confirmation, while Ethereum requires 12 confirmations.

To ensure everything's on track, please follow the steps below:

  1. Check if the wallet address you entered during your purchase order is correct.
  2. Ensure the address in your wallet matches the address in the email's transaction tracker.
  3. Contact your provider if your wallet address is correct but the transaction is not added.
  4. To get help, share the Transaction Hash (TXID) from the blockchain explorer.

Need more help? Our team is here for you! Click the Help button in the bottom right corner to start a live conversation with us.

Ensure you're logging in using the email address registered to your account. If you can't get into your email, contact your email provider. We can't help you.

At MoonPay, our Account Wallet is non-custodial, meaning we don't store your assets. You're the only one with access to your wallet's private keys. If you lose your private keys, you can't get back your wallet or its funds.

We're equipped to assist with MoonPay Account Wallets exclusively. If you can't use your non-MoonPay wallet, please ask your wallet provider for help.

The crypto market can be dynamic, and prices often vary between our partners. The fee could change when you create the transaction and your assets appear in your wallet. Fluctuations are normal.

Here's what might have impacted the final amount you received:

  1. Crypto prices go up and down. MoonPay checks every charge of your card and executes your order. The price may change from when you request it to when the order is executed.
  2. The money in your wallet might be the same as your cryptocurrency balance. Wallets often display an estimated value of your stored crypto in fiat. Make sure the cryptocurrency you ordered matches what you see in your wallet. The shown fiat amount could estimate a possible sale, not the exact crypto you got.

📘 Note:
We aim to get the best prices, but market changes and timing can cause differences in the amount received.

It can be frustrating when orders fail. Usually, this happens because of payment or account issues. If your bank says, "Your transaction has been declined", contact your bank for help. The drop may happen if there are card details, verification, address, or suspicious activity issues.

Some banks may not process crypto orders because they don't know about cryptocurrencies or have regulatory concerns. You can contact us for more help or information about why your order failed. Just click the Help button in the bottom right corner.

If transactions fail or time out, we reverse charges on our customers' cards quickly. We don't charge your account. We only temporarily hold it, which we remove if transactions fail.

Refunds for failed transactions are typically processed within ten business days. However, banks may take longer to remove the charge from your statement. If it's been more than ten business days and you still await the refund, I recommend contacting your bank. We can't make it faster, but your bank could help speed up the refund.

Check the transaction tracker link in your order confirmation email if your bank transfer is taking longer and your order is still pending.

The tracker will let you know if we need more info or documents to finish your order.

Ensure the following:

  • The transfer was initiated from your personal bank account.
  • You've included the reference number we provided.
  • The correct amount has been sent.
  • The recipient's name matches the provided information.

📘 Note:
Mismatched information in these fields could lead to delays or potential cancellation and refund of your transaction.

If you suspect any errors in these details, contact us through a support request. Choose Bank Transfers -> My bank transfer is still pending in the drop-down menus. Please attach a bank transfer confirmation with the sender's name and IBAN to help us investigate.

To track your transaction, click the link in your email or go to the Trade History section.

The tracker is the go-to place to:

  • Determine if we need additional information from you to deliver your cryptocurrency successfully.
  • Identify any potential payment method issues that may have caused the order to fail.

📘 Note:
If it's your first time buying, the transaction might take a few hours because of extra security checks.

If your transaction takes a long time to verify and you haven't received an email, please click Help for assistance.

We are sorry, but we cannot process your transaction because you did not follow the UK Crypto Travel Rule. This rule requires crypto asset senders and receivers to share information with a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASPs). VASPs help crypto asset senders and receivers share information to meet regulations.

Here are potential reasons for the transaction failure:

  • The ownership and control of the wallet you intended to send crypto to were not confirmed.
  • Even though you confirmed sending it to your unhosted wallet, it appears to belong to a VASP.
  • The VASP hosting your wallet is currently unreachable, preventing the necessary information sharing.
  • Attempts to sell crypto from a VASP are currently unsupported.

Using your own wallet instead of relying on a host is best to increase transaction success. Transactions are more likely to succeed with wallets not regulated like VASPs.

Transactions made will instantly appear in your account but will be marked as Pending until they receive enough network confirmations.

But once a transaction has enough network confirmations, the status will be confirmed and Completed in your account. Once the status is completed, the order can’t be reversed, and the funds will be withdrawn.

Several common reasons for transaction delays or issues include:

  • Make a transaction with an insufficient balance in your wallet, as all MoonPay transactions require a network fee.
  • Conducting two transactions with the same coins, resulting in one being confirmed and the other remaining unconfirmed.
  • Initiating a transaction with an asset in Pending status prevents the transaction's generation.
  • Experiencing delays in confirming Pending transactions due to a high volume of global digital currency transactions.