Source of wealth

Sometimes we need to verify the source of wealth — in other words, we’ll need to ask about where the money you’re using came from originally. We do that by asking for documents that confirm that how you came into your money.

Below is the list of documents required to verify your source of wealth:

Income Source Document
  • Recent bank statement(s) indicating salary deposits
  • Original or certified copy of payslip or bonus payment
  • A letter from your employer confirming your salary is on the company letterhead
  • Copy of the tax return annual statement
Company Profits
  • Certificate showing the distribution of dividends
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Latest audited accounts (if self-employed or own a company).
  • Company bank statement for the past six months
  • The accountant's statement confirms the company is doing well. It shows dividends, share capital, and profits
  • Copy of invoices displaying trading activities of sales and purchases
  • Recent savings account statement
  • Proof of account start (provider letter or first statement)
  • To prove the savings came from renting, provide a lease agreement and deposit statement
Rental Income
  • Bank statement(s) that shows the income deposit(s)
  • Rental agreement(s)
  • Bank statement showing pension payment and pension fund name
  • Copy of the pension statement
Cryptocurrency trading
  • Record of your crypto purchases and sales
  • Bank statement showing your profits.
  • Screenshot of the accounts you used, with their balances
  • Record of mined cryptocurrencies
  • Provide the wallet address and transaction hash for the mined cryptocurrency
  • Copy of the deceased's will
  • The bank statement displays the received funds and the current balance
  • Signed letter from a licensed solicitor or estate trustee
  • Grant of probate with the will and estate value
  • Copy of the loan agreement
  • The bank statement shows the received funds and the current balance
  • Copy of identification documents of individuals granting the loan
Sale of Property
  • Copy of the sale contract
  • Bank statement reflecting sale proceeds
  • Letter from a licensed solicitor or regulated accountant
Sale of Company
  • A licensed solicitor or regulated accountant signs a letter detailing company sales
  • Copies of media coverage (if applicable)
Sales of investments/Liquidation of portfolio/ Bonds
  • The bank statement shows that we received funds and earned interest on bonds
  • Certified investment or savings certificates, contract notes, or cash-in statements