How to use Swaps

Getting started with Swaps on MoonPay couldn't be easier! Just follow the simple steps below to get started.


  1. Open your MoonPay app, which can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
    Tap on the Swap button on the homepage, and select the Connect wallet button.

  2. Find your external wallet and confirm the link in your wallet app.

  3. Once connected, you’ll be brought back to MoonPay app so select the cryptocurrency, type your base amount to swap, then tap Review swap. 

  1. For first time customers, you may be prompted to enter basic details and verify your account. Identity verification may be required as per local laws and regulations of the country where you are based.

  1. Once that’s done you’ll get a chance to confirm your order.

  2. Finally you’ll be taken to your wallet to approve the transaction.

  3. Great, your Swap has been successfully ordered and you can check the progress in our tracker. Once we receive the asset you want to swap, MoonPay will swing into action and instantly execute the swap for you!

    Your swap order should be completed within a few minutes to hours depending on the speed of the blockchains involved in the swap. You will receive an email with the swap order receipt to help you track the entire transaction process.

If you've purchased cryptocurrency using your MoonPay ETH, ERC-20, or BTC wallets, swapping from it will be available soon!

These are the Swaps we support at MoonPay. We also support the reverse Swap pair for each combination. For instance, you can find both WETH/USDC and USDC/WETH pairs available on our platform.

Base Token Receive Token Swap Pair
Wrapped Ether USD Coin WETH-USDC
Wrapped Ether USD Tether WETH-USDT
Wrapped Ether Dai WETH-DAI
Wrapped Ether Wrapped Bitcoin WETH-WBTC
USD Coin Bitcoin USDC-BTC
USD Coin Binance Coin USDC-BNB
USD Coin Solana USDC-SOL
USD Coin Stellar USDC-XLM
USD Tether Bitcoin USDT-BTC
USD Tether Binance Coin USDT-BNB
USD Tether Ether USDT-ETH
USD Tether Solana USDT-SOL
USD Tether Stellar USDT-XLM
Bitcoin Binance Coin BTC-BNB
Bitcoin Ether BTC-ETH
Ether Binance Coin ETH-BNB
Ether Dai ETH-DAI
Ether Wrapped Ether ETH-WETH
Ether (Polygon) Ether ETH-ETH
USD Coin USD Coin (Polygon) USDC-USDC
USD Coin (Polygon) Bitcoin USDC-BTC
USD Coin Wrapped Ether USDC-WETH

Stay tuned for more Swap assets and pairs coming in the future!

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