My transaction was completed but I don’t see the cryptocurrency in my wallet. What can I do?

Normally, Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions won’t appear in your wallet until the blockchain has processed at least one confirmation, this can take ten minutes or longer. BTC and BCH require 1 confirmation and ETH require 12 confirmations. 

Please check to see if you entered the correct wallet address when you made your purchase order. You can do this by comparing your wallet address to the address listed under “Sending to” on the transaction tracker, which was sent to you in your order confirmation email.

If you have entered the correct wallet address, please contact your wallet provider with the Transaction Hash (TXID) for assistance. Transaction Hash (TXID) can be found on the blockchain explorer.

If you still need assistance, please send us a support request, selecting “Transaction” -> “My transaction shows complete but there's no crypto in my wallet” in the drop-down menus.

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