The steps on how to buy cryptocurrency in MoonPay.

The steps on how to buy cryptocurrency in MoonPay.

You can buy your favorite crypto in MoonPay in four easy steps. We’ll walk you through them now. Follow the steps below to buy cryptocurrency with MoonPay:

  1. Visit [](🔗) or a wallet that’s partnered with MoonPay


You'll find the Powered by MoonPay logo on wallet apps we've partnered with. You'll have the option to choose from a selection of cryptocurrencies. If you're using MoonPay via a partner wallet app, your wallet will provide the correct address.

  1. Select the cryptocurrency and enter the amount you want to buy in fiat or crypto.


Because of how network fees work, we usually require that you buy at least €30 (or equivalent) of a cryptocurrency. This can change a little depending on network conditions – but we’ll always tell you the minimum amount. Check out [MoonPay's fee](🔗) article for more info on fees within MoonPay.

  1. Enter your wallet address and click **Continue**.

Step 2-3 on how to buy cryptocurrency with MoonPay.

Steps 2-3 on how to buy cryptocurrency with MoonPay.


If you have not completed micro-authorization verification for your card, the system will guide you to do so. Please ensure you use your own bank card. We only accept SEPA and SEPA Instant for EUR bank transfers, UK Faster Payments for the UK, and YellowCard for Nigeria. For additional details, refer to our [Payment Method](🔗) article.

### Review terms of use and exchange rate

Before you buy, check and agree to our [Terms of Use](🔗) and the exchange rate. Click the **down arrow** to view the exchange rate.

  1. Check the box to confirm your orders and click **Buy Now** when you've reviewed and agreed.

After completing your order, you'll receive a confirmation via email along with a link to our order tracker for real-time status updates.